Part-time Instructor at METU

Disciplines : Political Science, International Relations, Political history

Thèmes de recherche: Middle Eastern Politics, 1908 Revolution in the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Politics, Theories of International Relations, Historical Sociology, Theories of Revolutions, Theories of Nationalism, Political History of Iran.




“Irak'ın İşgali, Senaryolar ve Eleştiriler” co-authored with Alper Birdal, Birikim, No. 172, 2003.

Devlet, İdeoloji ve Devrim: İran, Nikaragua ve Filipinler Devrimlerinin Karşılaştırmalı Analizi, by Misagh Parsa, co-translated with Alper Birdal and Nahide Özkan, İletişim, Istanbul, 2004.

2008: Book review. Maryam Panah, “The Islamic Republic and the World: Global Dimensions of the Iranian Revolution.” Millennium - Journal of International Studies , Vol. 37, No. 1, (2008): 243-245

2010 : Said Halim Pasha (1865-1921): An Islamist Thinker and an Ottoman Statesman. Istanbul: Isis Press, 2003, translation for Everest Yayınları.

2011 : Constituting Modernity: Private Property in the East and West, edited by Huri İslamoğlu, 2004 Forthcoming translation for İletişim Yayınları.

2011 : Book review. Erik J. Zürcher, “The Young Turk Legacy and Nation Building: From the Ottoman Empire to Atatürk's Turkey.” Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN).



June, 2009 Attendant, “Islamism and Nationalism: Competing, Converging or overlapping ideologies?” Academic seminar, CIDOB Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.

September, 2008 “Old Debates, New Agendas: Researching Political Islam” co-presented with Melike Kara (EHESS) for the ISA Forum of Sociology, Barcelona, Spain.

December, 2007 “The possibilities for an international sociology: the case of 1908 revolution in the Ottoman Empire” presented for the graduate conference ‘Methodological Paradigms for a New Political Agenda' in European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

March, 2006 Participant in the ‘Researching the Mediterranean', organized by the British Council, Barcelona, Spain.

October, 2005 Attendant, Turkey and the EU: Charting the Course Ahead, CIDOB, Centre for International Relations and Development Studies, Barcelona, Spain.

June, 2005 Assistant Organizer, Round-table Discussion with Professor Fred Halliday on The Middle East in International Relations, with the kind collaboration of the Department of International Relations, METU

February, 2001 Organizer and Moderator , First National Conference of the Philosophy Students, METU, Ankara, Turkey


PhD Thesis : This thesis is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Fred Halliday. Its primary aim is to locate the history of the Young Turk movement and the coming of the Second Constitutional Regime (1908) in the international arena, by exploring the impact of the ‘international' in its causes and in the revolutionary process. By engaging with the emerging theoretical approach of ‘international sociology', it will try to reconstruct the political world in which the Young Turk movement happened and thereby contribute to the theoretical realm by demonstrating the intrinsic link between the international and political changes in an Empire. As such it aims to contribute both to the discipline of International Relations and to the study of Middle Eastern Politics.